The Hongkong Dong

Fresh Asian flavoured Indie Rock! Sometimes with mellow dance ingredients. You wouldn’t like to miss this one. Stay tuned…

The Hong Kong Dong was initiated in Belgium by (brother and sister)  Boris  & Sara Yu Zeebroek. I’ve only seen them playing Live once (in 2013). But I’m sure, I’ll take a chance on The Hong Kong Dong a second time.

You want to hear some songs? check the links below the pictures!

Boris Zeebroek  Sarah Yu Zeebroek  van site flickr com  1site cutting edge  2  gesnetekening door Sarah Yu gemaakt  afkomstig van site van de bandfoto van site niuewblas be  1  locatie villavanthilt foto uit site een punt be  1

If you want to hear some songs, click on the titles below:

“Forget”, official video

“Flowers”, sung on a bridge in Ghent, Belgium

sweet sensations, live from Vanhilt

lesbians are a boy’s best friend

A.O. “AMNESIA”  nice electronics

Their WebSite

DSC_0042b   site cutting edge optreden in vooruit in gent 08  van de site indiestyle be   1 van site mother love music be   1

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